Concrete Laser Screed

Cutting-Edge Flatwork Technology

Raffin Construction uses the latest laser screed technology to place our concrete flatwork and it shows in the quality concrete slabs placed at competitive prices.

At Raffin Construction we use our own Somero S-22 EZ laser screed to maintain a high level of efficiency and quality control in placing our concrete flatwork. Our laser screed has 3D capabilities so it can finish slabs that are pitched for drainage as well as flat slabs.

We also have a Somero walk behind copperhead laser screed that has the versatility to screed interior slab on grade and elevated concrete on metal deck. With the proper tires it can run on top of the rebar in reinforced concrete slabs.

The use of the laser screed along with our skid steer attached laser grader allows us to keep our slab thicknesses consistent throughout the floor for a concrete slab of superior performance.

Look to Raffin Construction for your next flatwork project that demands precision in elevation and consistency in finish

Raffin Construction recently added to it’s arsenal of advanced machinery: introducing the Somero S-485 Laser Screed. This laser screed give Raffin Construction the flexibility to screed on all types of surfaces.

In addition to some unique and advanced features, the Somero S-485 allows our concrete crew to achieve the following:

  • Screed pitched or flat slabs
  • Ride on top of reinforced steel
  • Screed on elevated and slabs on grade
  • Screed around slab penetrations
  • Screed in all directions

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Laser Screed Rental

Other concrete contractors can also opt to rent out our laser screed for their finishing services. Interested in renting our screeding services? Complete the form below and we will contact you with details and pricing.