Who We Serve

Raffin Construction has been providing innovative and quality construction solutions to Chicagoland for over a century. We build strong relationships with our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients who trust us to solve their unique construction challenges. Strong client partnerships are the foundation of our work.

Commercial clients rely on Raffin to provide value engineering solutions that save money without sacrificing quality. Our commitment to client relationships makes this possible. When clients trust us with their building projects, we deliver on time and on budget 100% of the time, all while maximizing the value of every client dollar.

Heavy industrial and light manufacturing clients don’t have time to wait around on slow contractors and drawn-out projects. That’s why they can depend on Raffin to deliver high quality results on challenging projects with minimal interruptions to regular schedules.

We understand that every institution has a unique vision and purpose, and it can be frustrating when buildings don’t properly reflect that. Raffin helps bring those visions alive through beautiful buildings that speak to the institution’s foundation while always keeping well within the established budget.