Over 100 Years of Excellence in Concrete Services

Raffin has been building with concrete for over 100 years. With that kind of history, there isn’t a concrete challenge we haven’t faced. Whether it’s pouring a sidewalk for the entrance of a local church, or pouring a foundation meant to support a 6,000-ton forging press, we can meet your concrete needs.

Commercial Concrete

Commercial customers need reliable service at a competitive price for their foundation and flatwork concrete projects. Raffin understands how important it is to deliver on time and within budget for commercial projects. We specialize in logistically challenging commercial concrete and our expertise allows us to deliver quality 100% of the time.

Industrial Concrete

Heavy industrial concrete projects usually involve large equipment foundations which often have deep excavated pits. Raffin has the experience and expertise to design and build these large, deep, and complicated foundations while meeting demanding production schedules. All the while, we work in your plant’s production environment and operate to minimize your production interruptions.

Concrete Laser Screed

Laser guided concrete screeds use a laser level that communicates with sensors on a boom-mounted screed head which keeps the screed at a constant elevation no matter where it is screeding on a concrete flatwork slab. Raffin uses our own laser screed to maintain a high level of efficiency and quality control in placing our concrete flatwork. Our laser screed has 3D capabilities so it can finish slabs that are pitched for drainage as well as flat slabs. Let Raffin complete your next flatwork project that demands precision in elevation and consistency in finish. Other concrete contractors can also opt to rent out our laser screed for finishing services.

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