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Industrial General Contracting is a specialty service that requires experience in working in a heavy industrial environment. There are a few key factors that make industrial general contracting different from other markets.


Heavy industrial environments have large equipment that is part of an industrial process to make machine parts, automobile parts, appliances, etc. These processes can be a dangerous work environment if you do not wear proper personal protective equipment, practice proper safety protocols, and have the proper safety training. Raffin personnel are experienced at working in the heavy industrial environment. Our safety program is designed to teach our onsite workers to analyze all safety risks and apply proper safe working protocol.


Industrial production rarely stops, and when it does it is on a scheduled shutdown with particular stop and start dates. That means that projects either have to be done around operating manufacturing lines or on well-defined operational shut-downs. Raffin is experienced in doing the proper logistical pre-planning, scheduling, and coordinating required to deal with these demands. Our crews and those of our subcontractors are experienced in working overtime and off-hours as required.

Capital Budgeting

Most industrial projects are planned well in advance when yearly capital budget dollars are set aside. Raffin can assist in project budgeting so your project can get off on the right foot from the very beginning.

Accuracy & Precision

The equipment and processes used to manufacture are based on accuracy and precision. Quality is important when you construct the foundations, set the equipment, and build the buildings. Raffin uses the latest construction technology and has the proven construction procedures in place to ensure the accuracy and precision required to meet the quality construction that the industrial marketplace requires.

Raffin Construction understands industrial construction and all the important factors that go into making your projects successful. Allow us to establish the kind of trusted relationship that we have with so many other of our industrial clients.

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