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Commercial construction demands adherence to strict budgets and schedules and it’s frustrating when projects spiral out of control in these areas. Raffin Construction prevents these problems up-front with careful estimate analysis and project scheduling/pre-planning. Our experienced team can also step in to bring unruly projects under control using our value engineering solutions.

Raffin Construction uses our experience and engineering background to value engineer commercial projects to find creative solutions to cut time spent on jobs and prevent additional cost overruns without sacrificing construction quality. We’ve also built strong relationships with the best subcontractors which we utilize to the benefit of our customers.

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Here is how we do it:

  1. Project Assessment. Raffin Construction’s design and construction team will work with you to assess your project and identify potential areas of cost savings and schedule.

  2. Value Engineering. Our engineers will show you where you can save time and money without sacrificing quality and our stable of experienced subcontractors can assist in the value engineering process as it relates to their particular trade.

  3. Construction. Our experienced construction team utilizes the latest project management and scheduling software to communicate information efficiently and adhere to a strict schedule to make sure that the project is completed within the required timeframe, all the while working with you to resolve any issues that arise.

Commercial clients that work with Raffin can rest assured that our creative team will find solutions to challenges to bring your project to completion on time and within budget. The result is quality construction that you can be proud to own.

Without our cost analysis, schedule planning, and unique value engineering services, commercial projects can easily fall victim to budget and schedule overruns, multiple change-orders, and low-quality construction. Raffin Construction’s team has the experience to prevent these issues from the beginning. Start a conversation today about your next commercial project.

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