Why Raffin?

Construction is a messy business. We understand the frustrations that can occur on a project: drawn out construction timelines, busted budgets, and low-quality results. That’s why Louis Raffin built Raffin Construction over a century ago to put an end to these construction messes. What started as a humble concrete contractor, five generations of Raffins have turned into a trusted construction partner offering multiple services and providing expertise on major construction projects throughout the Chicagoland area.

Is Raffin a Good Choice for You?

We Solve Complex Problems

We’re not intimidated by what some consider to be difficult jobs. In fact, we embrace those challenges and have honed our team to address some of the most complex problems facing building owners today. When you need to pour a concrete floor slab on floor 33 of a high-rise, we’ve got you covered.

We use value engineering to save you money

To keep you from stressing about the budget, our engineers are diving into the project details to find solutions that are practical and feasible to save money without sacrificing quality. We call this value engineering and it saves our clients from overpaying.

We bring order to crazy schedules

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is construction. It’s messy, it gets in the way, and it shuts things down. Raffin understands this and works with clients to get buildings back to order quickly and efficiently, with the least down-time possible. We work within occupied buildings and develop rigorous logistics plans that we stick to so that daily life can continue as normally as possible.

Our relationships are the foundation of our success

It’s not about the “what” but the “who” when it comes to completing complex construction projects. We believe that and have developed deep relationships not only with our clients, but with local subcontractors and vendors.

It All Comes Down to Trust!

Raffin exists to find quality construction solutions to client problems. Whether you need to install a major piece of manufacturing equipment on a fortified concrete foundation or your storefront needs to be refreshed with new windows and an awning, our team can keep your project moving and bring it to completion on time and within budget.