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Get your large concrete pours done faster and more accurately with a concrete laser screed. Our laser screeds have both 2D and 3D technology to precisely screed either flat or sloped concrete slabs. Make your job simpler and rent the screed that best fits your needs.

Kensington Rentals has two laser screeds available to rent. All rentals include one of our expert operators. We rent to the greater Chicago metropolitan area, Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan, and Southeast Wisconsin. We will consider renting to areas outside of this on a case-by-case basis if you call our office.

Somero S-22EZ Advanced Laser Screed

The Somero S-22EZ is a boom screed that is equipped with a 20’ telescopic boom, 360° machine rotation, and a pivoting screed head. With a 14’ screed head width and a roller plow this machine makes quick work of a slab on grade pour. Our experienced operators know how to fully utilize the OASIS laser control system to operate the machine. The EZ Clean Head reduces the clean-up time so the screed spends less time on the jobsite after the job is done. This machine has the 3D Profiler system and the Somero Floor Levelness System so it can handle flat floors as well as pitched floors.

Somero S485 Laser Screed

Somero S485 Laser Screed leveling concrete just poured for a foundation

The S485 Laser Screed is a ride-on, four-wheel drive machine that can screed in any direction and is easily operated by our experienced operators. It can be used as a laser screed machine or a laser-controlled rake. The 10’ hydraulic head provides increased productivity. This machine is perfect for screeding floors that have multiple penetrations to work around because it can screed in any direction. It also has the ability to ride on top of rebar, so it is ideal for reinforced slabs. The hydraulic vibrator is more responsive to all slump types so it will consistently deliver a quality floor.


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