Client Project

Finkl Steel

two construction workers setting a piece of embedded steel into a forging press foundation

New Production Facility with 8,000 Ton Forging Press

Project Overview

Finkl Steel made a decision to relocate their north side facility in Chicago to the old Verson Press facility located on Chicago’s south side. Finkl is a fully integrated steel manufacturer that provides specialty steel products. The new facility will allow for an efficient material flow which, combined with their new, state-of-the-art equipment, will maintain their competitive edge in the world market.

Raffin Construction was chosen as the contractor to construct the new 300 foot teeming pit which required placing 1,600 cubic yards of concrete and 210 tons of reinforcing steel. Raffin Construction also built Finkl’s new 8,000 ton forging press foundation, the second largest forging press in the United States. It included 2,000 cubic yards of concrete and 160 tons of reinforcing steel. Raffin Construction designed the soil retention systems required to construct the pits inside the building.

concrete foundation under construction at Finkl Steel
Michael Raffin

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Mike Raffin

Estimator, Project Manager