Institutional Construction

From church chapels to halls of higher education to museum exploration exhibits, institutional purposes vary widely. Institutional buildings represent more than the sum of concrete, brick, and steel beams that they are built with. Our engineering and construction teams bring your institution’s unique vision and purpose to life.

It all begins with attention to detail. Raffin’s design and construction team understands that the details elevate a space. High-end finishes require precise design and careful attention during the construction process. Having a team experienced in detailed institutional work is essential to a successful project.

Here is how we work with you:

  1. Design Planning. Raffin’s engineers will work with you to understand your vision for a space’s purpose and propose aesthetic solutions to achieve that goal.
  2. Budgeting. Keeping construction costs within budget is supremely important and Raffin’s estimating team will ensure that all project costs are identified and remain strictly within budget.
  3. Construction. Raffin’s construction team uses the experience of its personnel along the latest project management technology to carefully build spaces to your exact specifications, all the while staying within budget and collaborating with you as challenges arise.

The end result is a beautiful building that communicates your institution’s unique mission. 

Without our attention to detail, experienced personnel, and project management technology, construction mistakes can lead to costly delays, re-works, and potentially unfinished buildings. Raffin’s team has the experience you need to bring your vision to life.

Raffin Construction Is Ready To Partner With You

Start a conversation today and learn how we can bring our experience and expertise to your next project.