Industrial Construction

Industrial and manufacturing clients work within strict capital budgets and critical schedules. Growing your business requires capital projects, but capital projects often require working in close proximity to current production or during production shutdowns. That’s why Raffin Construction works diligently to deliver high-quality results on challenging projects with minimal interruption to regular schedules.

We understand that creating capital improvement plans requires precise logistical scheduling and accurate budget estimates. Our experienced team helps project engineers put together capital improvement budgets and schedules that work for each client’s unique challenges.

Southside Recycling

overhead view of construction of new Southside Recycling facility in Chicago

Concrete for Metal Recycling Facility

Finkl Steel

concrete foundation under construction at Finkl Steel

New Production Facility with 8,000-ton Forging Press

ODM Tool & Manufacturing

ODM Tool and Manufacturing metal stamping plant

Auto Dealership Renovation

Here is how we do it:

  1. Understand Project Goals. We set up initial meetings to understand the exact problem you’re trying to solve and envision the solution collaboratively with you.
  2. Project Planning. Raffin’s engineering team which is uniquely experienced in heavy industrial construction gets to work on a specific tailored plan that cost-effectively fits into your plant’s production and shut-down schedule.
  3. Project Implementation. Our crews, experienced in the challenges of working in the heavy industrial environment, get to work coordinating the construction and completing the work according to plan, all the while working with you as unexpected challenges arise.


The end result is an improved plant with greater capabilities, setting your business up for future success.

Inaccurate capital budgeting and poor planning can affect production deadlines, hidden cost overruns, and revenue lost for your business. That’s why working with an experienced designer and builder is critical for industrial capital improvement projects.

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