Five Generations of Design-Build Experience

Design-build is a project delivery system. A project delivery system is the means by which a project goes through the process of planning, design, and construction. It defines the relationship between the owner, contractor, architect, engineer, and design consultants. There are a few basic types of project delivery systems: Design-Bid-Build, Construction Management at Risk, Multiple Prime Contractors, and Design-Build. Design-build is when the owner uses a design-build contractor (or Master Builder) who is contracted to design and construct the building. Raffin Construction has been doing design-build work for generations

What is the advantage to building with a design-build contractor?

Design-build construction has a number of distinct advantages over other forms of project delivery systems.


Design-build allows the owner to fast track the design and construction schedule because he doesn’t have to wait until drawings are finalized in order to go through a bid and award process before you can start any construction:


Design-build allows the owner to better control the project budget. An experienced design-build contractor understands what drives cost and can guide the project design for a more cost-efficient design. This avoids wasting time having to do value engineering with a general contractor after the bid process to cut cost to meet budget. It also leads to less change orders during the project because the design-build process encourages collaboration.


Teamwork is actions focused attitude toward a common goal. Design-build brings together the contractor and the designers who already have a working relationship established from previous projects. This allows the owner to take advantage of all the benefits of a finely oiled machine working together toward one goal right off the bat. This avoids confrontational relationships between the design professionals and the contractor.


Design-build makes it easier on the owner because there is one point of responsibility which is the design-build contractor. No gaps in liability. No pointing of fingers because accountability is on one company which is the design-build contractor. The design-build contractor is happy to take that responsibility because he knows from previous experience that the design-build team he assembles can get the job done.

How Do You Decide If Design-Build Is For You?

1. What is Your Time Worth?

Design-build has been proven to save time from planning to completion. If your project needs to be fast tracked through the design and construction then this is the project delivery system for you.

2. Is Cost-Control Important?

Design-build may not always be the cheapest option to deliver your project, but it offers the best control of your budget. Budget overruns are less common in design build because of the collaborative approach to design and construction. This approach avoids costly change orders relative to other forms of project delivery. If controlling your budgeted cost over the course of the construction is imperative then design-build is for you.

3. Does Managing All the Details of a Project Seem Overwhelming?

Design-build allows you the owner to save valuable resources that you would otherwise spend managing designers (architects, engineers, and consultants) and contractors. This can leave you feeling like you need to be the one driving the project. Because the design-build contractor facilitates a team mind set and is used to being accountable for meeting project schedules, budgets, and solving problems the project team together is self-motivated to deliver a positive project outcome. If your resources are valuable and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed managing your project then design-build is the project delivery system for you.

It All Comes Down to Trust!

No project delivery system can deliver success without trust between the owner and the construction professionals. The same trust that exists for Raffin Construction between design consultants, sub-contractors, and us is the same trust that will existing between you the owner and Raffin. Let Raffin deliver your next project from planning to completion.