Concrete Services

Raffin has been providing concrete services for all of the four generations it has been in business. Our services range from floor infills and pads in high use buildings in downtown Chicago to equipment and pits in industrial manufacturing facilities. The common threads running through all these projects besides the use of concrete is the need for pre-activity planning, attention to construction details and the need for technical expertise. Having been doing these types of projects for over 75 years we have the experience necessary for ensuring the proper approach to planning and details. The experience combined with our training as structural engineers give us the technical expertise our clients rely on. We target niche markets where these attributes are essential to success.




• Equipment Foundations and Pits

• Waste Water Treatment

• Tall Wall

• Large Mat Foundations

• Tank Foundations - Flat & Sloped

• Floor Slab Replacement

• Equipment Pads

• Sidewalk and Curb Replacement

• Tunnels

• Floor Infills

• Shrinkage Compensating Concrete

• Pervious Concrete

• White Topping

Design Build Services

Design Build relationships are getting more common as building systems get more complicated and construction schedules become more compressed. On these projects, Raffin teams up with one of our architects and/or engineers to work with a client as a team so as to design and build a project that meets the needs of the client in a cost effective manner. This approach is ideal for fast tracking a project by allowing construction to begin as the detailed construction drawings are being phased in.

General Contracting Services


• Equipment Foundations

• Building Foundations

• Floor Slab Replacement

• Manufacturing Line Retrofit & Replacement

• Tank Foundations (Flat & Sloped)

• Building Renovations

• Material Handling

• Office Remodeling & Build Out


Raffin Construction performs general contracting services for a wide range of markets. We serve the industrial market in areas such as: food processing, steel processing, warehousing, paint manufacturing, printing and chemical production among others. We also perform work in the commercial and institutional markets, including religious facilities, school programs, automobile dealerships, retail and office centers and tenant buildouts. Our strengths we bring to the table for our clients begin with our broad range of experience from our field laborers to our management team on all forms of General Contracting work. In addition, our relationship with quality subcontractors ensures our projects are completed in a professional manner with adherence to the project schedule and to high standards of craftsmanship. As with our clients, we treat our subcontractors fairly, which allow us to work with the best in the industry. We continually look to develop relations with subcontractors who perform with the same level of commitment to our clients as we have. Finally, we try to treat all our business relationships with the highest level of integrity and honesty. In this way, our clients will always receive service that is not compromised in order to maximize profits and, when problems are encountered, they are dealt with in a straightforward, open way so that they can be solved in the most expeditious and cost effective manner possible.

Industrial Services

 • Equipment Foundations

 • Building Additions

 • Floor Slab Replacement

 • Manufacturing Line Retrofit & Replacement

 • Tank Foundations (Flat & Sloped)

 • Building Renovations

 • Office Remodeling & Build Out

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